Technology of our test benches

Technologies and capabilities

Our design office, with wide range of skills, is able to support you in your most demanding projects. It is made up of engineers specialized in the following fields:

  • instrumentation and measurements (pressure, force, displacement, torque, temperature, flow, etc.)
  • automatism
  • software
  • mechanics
  • pneumatics
  • hydraulics
  • analog and digital electronics
  • electricity

We are able to manufacture or retrofit a wide range of test equipment :

  • Pneumatic test benches with any pressure from vacuum to 1000 bar for sections from 1/8 to 5 inches (200 000 l/min) and for many fluids (compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, helium etc.).
  • Hydraulic benches for which we limit ourselves to static or low power benches, for any pressure (1 to 4000 bar) and for all types of fluids (water, standard oils, fuels, brake fluid, Skydrol, etc.).
  • Mechanical test stands
  • Electric test beds to control motors or components
  • High-precision calibration benches (pressure, force, displacement, torque)
  • Automatic test benches with complex softwares
  • Ground support equipment for aircrafts

We also develop our own technological solutions for our benches, such as very high performance control systems or digital conditioners for sensors that we can customize for each application.

The MAP120, the latest addition to our instrumentation range, is a programmable measurement PLC, in a built-in format with a graphic display, combining the functions of a digital conditioner/display (acquisition and conditioning of sensors’ signal) with those of a PLC capable of controlling a regulation or an automation system.





With the support of our sister’s company, EFE, we have some of the most high-performance sensors and instrumentation on the market for the production of our test and calibration benches. We can also easily adapt a standard sensor or produce a bespoke product for one of our test benches if your application requires it.

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