Prior agreement for the return of material

Please complete the following questionnaire.
You will receive a prompt response from our sales department with a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number.

Our RMA policy is as follows: :

· Products must match the original order definition

· Products for expertise must be under warranty (see our general terms and conditions of sale)

· Products that are defective due to misuse will be returned in the same condition, at the sender’s expense and and subject to an expertise cost in the event that the repair estimate is not accepted by the customer

· Returned products must be in a correct state, allowing their expertise, and have an adequate packaging.

· If you need a replacement urgently, please contact us quickly to obtain a quotation for new equipment.

· Failure Analysis and Corrective Action Requests (FACAR) will be processed according to our quality procedures.

Note: Products must be returned within 30 days of the issuance of the Return Material Authorization Agreement (RMA).

    Return Material Advance Agreement Form

    Serial number(s) of the product(s)*

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