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Discover our BC310, a new torque wrench controller

A new bench to check and calibrate torque wrenches with many advantages : easy to use, highly reliable measurements with power-on automatic check, a new metrological interface in its PLC, less costly to maintain thanks to its plug & play digital transducers.

With its clean lines and robust construction, this new torque test bench offers many advantages: simple and intuitive operation, easy maintenance.

It is available in two configurations :

  • A Workshop version usable from 0.2 to 500 N.m, and
  • A Metrological version that can be used from 0.4 to 1000 N.m

The sensors are automatically recognised by the controller  in case of maintenance. For calibration you just need to send back or calibrate yourselves the sensors and replugged them on the bench : calibration datas are stored in the sensors and it doesn’t require any additional set-up. In case of replacement, you just need to plug new sensors on the BC310. So easy and time saving !

Several options are available: torque wrench holder, torque limiter, printer, calibration software…

The BC310 also complies with EN ISO 26789.

For more details on the BC310 you can consult its datasheet.

You can also view the presentation video on Youtube by following this link.

We are available for further information by email (infos@tei.fr), phone (+ or by using the contact form.

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